The Art of Saying No


I came across this on Pinterest from this blog, and it made me think about the art of saying no.

Life is ripe with parties, sales pitches, emails, meetings, groups events, etc. At almost 32 I am old enough to know what I want to do and what I don’t. But yet, I can’t say no to something simply because I don’t want to. Right?

To the guy at Barnes and Noble who does his best pitch for a membership, “no” is easy. In a customer-employee exchange “no” isn’t personal. I was on the selling side long enough before teaching to know this inside and out.

Saying “no” with the people I’m really close with is easy too. But in most other areas of my life, “no” is not so easy for me, especially in those social situations where you’re not close friends, but you’re friendly. Maybe you even used to be close but you’re not anymore. How do you say “no” to things with those people?

I’ve always considered this difficulty with being “nice” or having “tact” or “keeping the peace” but is it? Where do those end and “people-pleasing” begin? I’m really not sure, but I do know as time marches on and I am working and itching to spend my (very limited) time either with my family or doing my own thing, I am going to HAVE to get better about saying no.

And I’d love it if invitations came with a “because I don’t want to” option. Because really, isn’t that what things often come down to in life?

How have you mastered the art of saying no?