Starting Solids

At his 4-month well-visit, E’s pediatrician said we could start introducing solids, if we wanted. We made the rookie mistake of trying some oatmeal on the same weekend he was recovering from his shots, and we ended up with a miserable baby. I tried avocado a few days later and he had a similar reaction. I think his little gut just wasn’t ready yet. We waited another two weeks before we tried anything again, and we noticed E was less satisfied with his bottles, and drinking more and more as the days progressed.

Out of pre-teething desperation, one day I tried a frozen banana in a feeder and he loved it!  We did that for a few days, and then tried some prunes. He wasn’t crazy about prunes, but tolerated them, especially from my mom. A few days later my mother in law fed fed him some sweet potatoes and he scarfed them down! Since then we’ve tried peas with mint, green beans and pears, but sweet potatoes are a clear favorite. We’re also adding the oatmeal back in as a major part of his diet now that we know he’s handling the other foods well, and that seems to be working so far. A little backward from the way most people do it, maybe, but it’s working for E.


We’re currently using organic packets from Plum, Happy Family and jars of Earth’s Best First Foods. He loves his Nuby 3 Stage Bottle (we use it in stage two) for water, and is freakishly good at holding it for himself. We have two sets of spoon attachments for the packets of food we’re using, but I’m finding he actually eats better when we use these baby spoons. Not sure why I bought those out of the hundreds of options available, but they do the trick. We also realized pretty quickly that a pack of waterproof (non-teething) bibs was a necessity, and these are so great. After he’s done eating I just rinse them under the faucet and so far stains haven’t been an issue. Stains on his clothes before we realized we needed those bibs? Different story.

We have a high chair that was given to us by a family friend but it broke within a week of us using it, so we just ended up getting the same high chair my in-laws have. Simple, slim, and inexpensive. Easy to clean, easy to use. We may end up with something different once we’re in a house with a dining room table, but I have zero complaints about this so far, and I think it would also be great for travel which is a bonus some of the more expensive chairs can’t offer.

And just like that…my baby is eating! My mom’s going to try apples this week, and we’ve got butternut squash on the horizon as well. Once he starts eating larger quantities of food I plan to take time to make and freeze his favorites, but for now, it’s so much fun seeing what he likes!