In June


Eating: better than I was 6 months ago but still not as well as I could be.

Drinking: more water now that I have a Camelbak. Aiming for 5 bottles a day (100 ounces)!

Practicing: recording my calories using MFP (again).

Trying: to remember to enjoy every stage.

Playing: jazz on Spotify.

Finishing: way less than I used to, and still adjusting to it. If I get one phone call made in a few days, it’s a productive week!

Reading: We All Fall Down by Jennifer Weiner

Watching: Orange is the New Black, Season 2

Remembering: the summer I turned 30; this one feels so similar in many ways, and yet I am so very different.

Wearing: way too many pairs of these.

Cooking: roasted veggies.

Working: out at the gym.

Traveling: to Tampa in early July to meet our newest niece!

Wanting: to make some decisions about if we’re going to consider buying a home or continue renting.


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