32 Things I’m Thankful For…


Today I’m 32!

And in honor of this previous year, I thought I’d share the 32 things I’m thankful for at 32.

(in no particular order, although there is a clear top ranking) 😉

  1. Evan
  2. Finding out I was pregnant
  3. A healthy and “easy” pregnancy
  4. Our family (both sides) for supporting us in SO MANY WAYS
  5. John landing his new job
  6. Finally landing the job  I’ve wanted for years (despite two weeks of baby-induced sleep deprivation surrounding both interviews)
  7. My mom for watching Evan
  8. My mom for teaching me so many things about being a mom – she’s been amazing at giving me real-time, “on the job” training 😉
  9. Learning to appreciate even the smallest of homes during our rough patch in 2013
  10. Our beautiful niece, Lily
  11. Hynobabies, the midwives and my doula
  12. Having health insurance that covered just about everything from E’s birth
  13. Our whole family, waiting overnight in the waiting room during labor
  14. The way Evan’s birth went down (even if it wasn’t my planned birth)
  15. Getting to experience breastfeeding
  16. My best girlfriends for always keeping it real
  17. The trip John and I took to Washington, D.C.
  18. Our anniversary trip back to Sebring
  19. Speaking at my field’s national convention in Las Vegas (while pregnant!)
  20. Being able to work part-time during pregnancy and postpartum
  21. Being able to stay home with E over the summer
  22. Our healthy pets
  23. Fellow mamas, near and far, who buoyed me in times of need
  24. My strong and capable body
  25. So many good books
  26. Old Navy for helping me flatter my aforementioned “strong and capable” (weirdly misshapen postpartum) body
  27. John’s sense of humor
  28. This blog, and those of you who read it – I really enjoy writing here
  29. Our pets. While under-foot and sometimes really on-my-nerves, they are all really good animals and each add something rich and special to life, everyday
  30. Our ever-so-comfy bed
  31. The means and ability to dream big with John and Evan
  32. The perspective and inner growth gained over the last 365 days; I’m a better person today than I was this same day last year, and I hope I can say that on every single birthday for the rest of my life

This past year has been the craziest, most exciting, scary, amazing, weird, wonderful and memorable of my life. 32 isn’t looking too shabby, either. 🙂


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