Evan at 7 Months

  • sleeps on his belly w/ his butt in the air
  • turns his mobile on, and “plays” in his crib for about 30 mins before waking us up in the morning
  • is getting on a pretty good sleep schedule…rough 3 weeks in May but we’re all working on it
  • is putting himself to sleep about 80% of the time now
  • world class scooter, but gets so frustrated because he is…
  • thisclose to crawling
  • pulls himself up on me when sitting on the floor using my clothes or my Chew Beads
  • recognizes the words “baba,” “mama,” “daddy” and “grandma”
  • babbles constantly
  • says what we’re pretty sure is “dada” but we’re not sure if he actually means daddy or not
  • still makes crazy dinosaur noises (mostly at home when he can really let loose)
  • is generally pretty friendly with new people, but reserves smiles for those who really work for them
  • initiates hide and seek w/ daddy
  • loves bathtime (soaks John’s shirt and pants every night w/ splashing)
  • really enjoys eating; bananas, and other fruit mixed with plain Greek yogurt (blueberry/pear/purple carrot from Plum is a current favorite)
  • is not a fan of egg yolk (can’t blame him, but going to keep trying when he’s a little older)
  • is getting better at using his Nuby transition bottle; mostly wants an actual bottle only right before he goes to sleep
  • drinks okay (with much assistance) out of actual cups! Considering a baby cup for at home after this article and others like it – makes a lot of sense
  • spends most time rocking a diaper because he loves to make a mess while eating (and I let him – you’re only 7 months once, right?)
  • is the happiest person I know…seriously

We are so proud of our little man, and I feel lucky every day that I get to be his mama. 🙂


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