June Goals

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.41.09 PM

There has always been something so special about June for me. Maybe because it’s my birthday month? 😉

I loathe the heat of summer in many respects, but I also love all the things that summer brings, and June is the most summer of months (and obviously, the actual beginning of summer). I plan on soaking it up!

This month my goals are to…

Keep going with CouchTo5K training

As you’re reading this I am on week four which means I’ve made it to the halfway point. The jogging stroller has added to my overall per mile time, but I’m pretty slow anyway, so it’s no big deal right now. The idea for me is to get out there and get those miles under my feet three times a week as a commitment to myself, and thus far, I’ve kept up despite that somedays have been a real challenge between lack of sleep, soreness, and general “ugh.” Keeping the promise to myself feels awesome. Planning on registering for the Firecracker 5K to celebrate my half-way victory!

Go a Month Without Target

Don’t get me wrong…we LOVE Target. But we’re on a tight budget this month, and we’re both interested to see what life (and our grocery bills) look like without my go-to store. Also, how sad is it that I go to Target when I need to get out of the house? Pretty sad. So, none of that in June. Will I survive?

Try Pilates/Barre/TRX

I found a local studio and normally it’s pretty pricey, but they’re running a teacher’s special over the summer. I’ve long loved yoga and have been intimidated by pilates, but watching E “swim” on his belly to work up his lower lumbar in order to get ready to crawl something clicked. Call it weird, but I feel like my body needs pilates. My goal this month is simple: get my butt in that studio and give it a shot! Hopefully I’ll like it and I can start saying hello core strength and hello improved posture.

Happy “Summer” 🙂


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