Evan at 6 Months


photo 2IMG_9386 IMG_9526 IMG_9533 IMG_9524 IMG_9520 IMG_9517 IMG_9530 IMG_9521

Finally, I know why new parents say obvious and repetitive things like “time flies” because really, it does.

However, I’m happy to have a six-month old and I don’t have complicated emotions about how fast he’s growing up. This is the beginning of the stage I’ve been waiting and hoping for: we have a responsive, funny, cuddly, babbling baby who is beginning to show us his adorable personality. After five months of caring for a tiny, developing human, we’ve been rewarded with a little person. And he is just great.

This month he…

  • Loves peekaboo; “whereeeee’s Evan?” gets giant smiles every single time
  • Is a big fan of “Itsy-Bitsy Spider,” mamas made up songs and jazz music
  • Eats oatmeal, coconut oil, bananas, minty peas and sweet potatoes
  • Rolls onto stomach like it’s nothing
  • Sleeps on his side and belly
  • Cries big tears now, which roll down his cheeks when he is really upset
  • Tries to put everything he can touch in his mouth
  • Slaps, scratches, pulls hair, punches and throws; he has no idea what any of this means, but he is pretty excited that his hands can do so much!
  • Notices textures (especially likes scratching on wood and leather)
  • Responds to his name and whistling
  • Sits up great w/ support and is working on longer than a minute without it
  • Smiles at some strangers, not at others
  • Is entering the separation anxiety phase, which I was amazed to learn, is because he just now realized he and I are no longer physically attached

He’s halfway from day one and halfway to 1 year. I’d like to say I’m surprised, or amazed, but honestly John and I have earned every single one of those days with him, just as we plan to earn all the rest of them, too.


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