Happy Mother’s Day

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I picked this book up after seeing it pop up on a few Instagram feeds recently.

While the title sounds overtly religious, the short essays are actually quite focused on Buddhist ideals of compassion, meditation, being present and surrender.

As a celebration for the mothers I know, and the journey I am on as a new mama, I thought I’d share a few quotes I really enjoyed from this book.

Happy Mother’s Day!

“Jon Kabat-Zinn, a meditation teacher who writes about mindful parenting, suggests we think of our children as Zen masters housed in small bodies, who come into our lives to push at all our fixed ideas. They are our best teachers, he says, and one way or another they will teach us whatever hard lessons we most need to learn” (87).

“In surrender, I clear a space in which something new can grow. I place my faith in something larger than me. I trust” (92).

“I needed to accept that in order to mother fully, I had to take care of myself, and that I could not meet my children’s demands 100 percent of the time. But I also discovered just what it is that they need more than anything else: me. My full attention. My face in front of their faces, making eye contact” (171-2).

“There will be years and years for baseball, but you can only dig your way to China when you’re five” (199).

“I know now that balance is not an achievement in itself, but a journey – and I am always on my way there, never fully arrived” (201).

“The boy who meets my gaze at the breakfast table is not the same one whose cheek I kissed the night before… To love them is to let them go, bit by bit, day by day” (217).

“Loving them, I grow. Growing, they learn to give love back” (219).


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