May Goals

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Start Training for a 5K

When I first started running consistently (May of 2011), I used this app and despite that a lot has changed and there are like, 1000 5K training apps out there, I still like this one the best. It’s an 8-week program, which means I’ll be running through the heart, I mean HEAT, of summer. Yay.

Along the way I hope to get new running shoes and a jogging stroller, but I can’t wait around for either of those things. If I’ve learned one thing about health and wellness, it’s that there is no such thing as a perfect time. I’m ready and going for it.

Drink Water Before Eating  

I heard something recently about how our bodies don’t know the difference between hunger and thirst. Total game changer! It probably sounds like a no-brainer to some of you but I honestly never knew why  “drink more water” was such a definitive weight-managaement strategy. I’ve been trying to make sure I always have plenty of water (bonus if it’s fizzy and I have fresh lemon!) on hand to drink when I feel those first pangs (of hunger? of thirst?). As someone who has always been a “gotta eat right now” kind of person, concentratedly drinking water is helping me see that a lot of the times I am actually NOT hungry.

Make-Ahead Meals and Pre-Portion Food  

Last week I cooked up a storm on Sunday and we had pre-made breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks for the whole week. Turns out this is not only a great way to not have to dirty the kitchen nightly, or wonder “what’s for dinner?” but as someone who struggles with portion control, it has made tracking what and how much I’m eating SO easy. I plan to keep this going for a month and see how, if at all, it improves our lives.

Cut Back on Simple Carbs, Dairy and Sugar 

John and I are considering a Whole 30, but since I haven’t had a chance to read It Starts with Food in time for this month, I’m working on making small changes that are a sort of primer for the program. Bye, bye: wheat toast with breakfast, Fiber One protein bars, Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, beer, cheese at many meals and/or snacks. Hello lots of lean protein, veggies, some fruit, red wine, a bit of feta or greek yogurt, and when I really want dessert, these.

This month isn’t about being super-strict, but rather, just being even more mindful. Cutting back on the preservatives, keeping up with my salads for lunch, toning down the dairy consumption (from which I am already feeling less bloated), and working toward fruit, meat and veggies is a journey, and I’m on the way.

Happy beginning or end of spring, or beginning of summer (depending on where you are)!



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