April Faves and Finds

Starbucks carmel ground coffee. 

Went back to mostly caffeinated coffee and wow! I feel human again! I also stopped drinking that Archer Farms and Dunkin’ coffee once I realized it was artificially flavored. Despite that I find most in-store Starbucks coffee to have a bit of a burned-bean taste, their ground bag coffee is delicious.

This quote from Amy Poehler.


The balance between “professional” me and “at home” me has always been interesting to navigate, but being a mama makes for a really crazy ride. To be the kind of mama I want to be that means I have had to get out of my comfort zone, majorly. Singing? Funny faces? Goofy noises? You bet. I will do anything to hear that sweet baby giggle.

And on that note… Parks and Rec.

Working on season 2 on Nextflix and loving it. I am usually behind the fray on these kind of shows, but I’m enjoying something to watch before bed to turn my brain off.

Old Navy Classic Chambray.

I got one of these shifts(in “light”) and I wish I’d bought, like, 5. I seriously want to wear it everyday. Something about a button-down that goes with everything and looks polished, yet casual at the same time… Old Navy workout capris, tank tops, Sperry’s and this shirt = my “day off” mama uniform these days.

These vitamins and this salad.

Perhaps as karmic retribution for such an “easy” pregnancy, I’ve been feeling like I’m about 100 years old postpartum. This past month it morphed into what I imagine the beginning of arthritis feels like…soreness to the bones. Trying to exercise off this baby weight, and working an on-my-feet job has made me cranky. When you wake up in the morning and it hurts to move your fingers…and you’re 31? Ugh.

Dr. Google to the rescue, it seems this is WAY common among new mamas. Those little bundles of life we carry for 9 months are calcium and vitamin D mooches, and if we don’t replenish through diet/supplements, some of us end up feeling like I was.

I started taking my prenatal vitamins again and have polished off a bag of organic kale in salads this week, and the difference is crazy! I may add in some almond milk for extra calcium as I don’t see myself eating kale every day forever, but for now, so far so good.

Beach Mat with Pillow.

In addition to the above, I also made some time to lay in the sun this past weekend. I dug my beach mat out of the garage and plopped down in our ugly backyard. When I closed my eyes, it was just like I was on vacation. Except for the dogs licking me. Or the sound of the children’s birthday party going on a few houses down. But I digress…I know it will give me wrinkles, but the sun makes me happy. And being a color other than chalk white also makes me happy. Bring it on, summer!

What are you loving this month?


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