April Goals

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Keep going with #mileaday walks. 

While I know I need more exercise than this to melt off the baby weight, it’s what I can squeeze in right now, and that’s better than nothing. Going to keep these walks going for the rest of April until I can start at a gym (with childcare!) in May. If you’d like to join me in this continued #mileaday challenge, visit me over on Instagram for #vdoesmileaday.
I’ve been feeling stiff and kind of achy the last few days and since this post has taken me a week into April to get to, I figure I can make a commitment to do a bit of mild yoga every day for the rest of the month. Nothing fancy, but my body is telling me I need to loosen up, and I’m listening.
That’s it for this month! Keeping it very simple as this is a super busy month at work, and parenting is sure picking up speed. Looking forward to this last concentrated push and then a nice “summer break.”
Happy spring!

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