Parenthood at Four Months

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As I mentioned in this post, when we first found out I was pregnant John setup an email address for “Baby Calkins” and next month marks a year since those emails started! As I created this blog to help me live with more intention, appreciation and authenticity, I think it’s a good time and place to move into sharing monthly “milestone” posts about Evan and parenthood.

Parenthood @ 4 Months 

  • We anticipate Evan’s needs SO much better now. I mean, wow. At the start it was like what I imagine trying to understand someone from a different planet would be…but now his communication is definitely closer to that of a tiny human than an alien. Or maybe I should say that we’ve grown much better at deciphering his baby-alien talk. Some days, especially lately, he sounds exactly like a pterodactyl, and we’re not quite sure what all that means just yet, but overall, we “get” him.
  • I am getting over my fear of the public meltdown. He did it once when he was about a month old; my mom and I were in Target and he went from sleeping to starving in exactly 30 seconds. Other than that he genuinely seems so happy when we’re out and about, and since I wear him in the Ergo more than not, he naps through most things.
  • As a result of the above, I’ve been taking him on more “adventures.” Even if it’s a routine trip to the park so I can get a walk in, I tell him we’re “going on an adventure” as I strap him into his carseat. Some part of me likes to think this will make him more adventurous as he grows up, but really, I just like that it reminds me to see the world through his eyes.
  • And along those lines… When E and I get out of the house for something, everyone has a better day. Period, end of story.
  • John and I have still yet to experience the dreaded “blow out” but this past month marked some pretty gross milestones. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say we’ve definitely been initiated into our “parenting” roles by way of baby bodily functions.
  • We are accepting that parenting is something you’re always doing. There are never days “off” and when you’re home, and the baby is sleeping, you’re still “on” because you know he could cry at any moment. I am sure this gets so ingrained we won’t even notice it, but we both realized recently that we’d been thinking about this. Acknowledging how much of an adjustment parenting is seems worthwhile to me. Neither of us are sad or upset about this realization, but it’s definitely stark.
  • John and I have a good system together, which feels awesome. There are still hiccups sometimes (doubt this will ever change, nor that it needs to) but we are a team in every aspect of this parenting gig. John is the best playmate, which warms my heart to no end. And I am the one who  can (usually) comfort and put Evan to sleep in minutes. Those first few months, I wasn’t sure IF or WHEN our life would ever feel routine or normal again, but I’m happy to say it that most nights, we’re there. Together.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset


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