I started this blog because I missed writing expressively, and because in the past, blogging in specific has made me really, really happy. I think in part I also needed (need) a place to sort of hold on to myself, and write through all of the crazy and magical changes parenthood has brought. And then on some other level, I was hoping that this blog would help me live with more intention and give John and I something to look back on as an account of our early months as parents. All of the above has been so true so far.

However, in 31 years of life I’ve learned that one of my best and also worst traits is that I tend to be a perfectionist. And when it comes to this blog, it didn’t take long for post ideas to make their way to my “to-do” list. That’s precisely NOT what I wanted from this creative project.

In the past I would have just sucked it up, and tried to be “perfect” at this. But all I have to do is read the title I chose for this blog and it’s so clear what a silly waste of time that is. I have so many things I enjoy doing, along with plenty of stuff I have to do, and I know that any creative project that becomes a chore is soon to die.

All this really just is a means is that I’m done doing “weekly” series posts. They’re annoying to write, and the content isn’t something I’m proud of anyway.

I don’t think anyone who reads this will care more than I do, but I just wanted to share this because I’m SO PROUD of myself for choosing to let this project be imperfect (and still love it anyway).  🙂


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