Evan at Four Months

When we first found out I was pregnant John setup an email address for “Baby Calkins” and next month marks a year since those emails started! As I created this blog to help me live with more intention and appreciation, I think it’s a good time and place to move into sharing monthly “milestone” posts about Evan and parenthood.

Evan @ 4 Months 

  • Loves his play gym. Takes multiple naps a day in his play gym. Would probably sleep overnight in his play gym if we let him.
  • Probably as a result of the above: is freakishly strong! Grabs on to all kinds of things now (my glasses, my hair, my clothes, his bibs, his bottle, the play mat) with sheer force and determination.
  • Discovering his voice. Screams and squeaks and squeals all the time now, especially when he’s excited. It is the coolest thing, and we will have entire “conversations” multiple times a day.
  • Is super, super excited about “standing” on our laps. We get the biggest smiles and the loudest squeals when he’s on his feet.
  • Speaking of feet…has discovered his! Not sure he’s entirely aware they’re attached to his body yet, but we’re getting there.
  • Is the best at cuddling. I mean, oh my gosh. Hours pass like minutes with the two of us tucked into the chair in the nursery and John falls asleep with him during feedings at least a few times a week.
  • Smiles on cue at John, and his grandparents. I have to work for it a bit more sometimes, but that’s because he’s usually too busy doing his soul-deep stare into my eyes. That’s been our thing from pretty much the moment we met. For as long as I live, I will cherish what a privilege it is to have that kind of connection with another human.

The early months were hard in ways I never imagined, and I am enjoying him at this age so, so much. I’m a proud mama – each day brings something new, challenging, interesting, and wonderful.


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