Weekend Wellness

photo 1

In honor of my health and fitness goals this month I decided to start a new weekly series of posts. I’ll be sharing four specific things each month that I’m trying along the way in my health and fitness journey. I love reading posts like these and I hope you do too!

First up: eating salads for lunch. 

I know, I know – snooze fest. This is the cornerstone of just about every diet plan known to man…but I think there’s a reason for that!

Pretty much since I had Evan, I’ve been eating some kind of a ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Call it a rebound from not eating lunch meats while pregnant, or maybe I can attribute my newfound love for this American classic to it being my first post-birth meal, but I love me some ham and cheese as of late.

The problem? Even when slimmed down, they make me soooooo sleeeeeppppyyy.

After hearing about how Caroline lost over 150lbs by eating better and walking, I decided I’d revisit the old lunch salad.

photo 2

I’ve been prepping ahead so I don’t have to worry about taking the time to “make” lunch – preparing this salad midday is as easy as grabbing and handful of lettuce and veggies from this bowl, tossing in some cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds and whatever protein I have leftover from the night before. Satisfying, yummy, and best of all – I’ve said goodbye to the dreaded after lunch slump, which means I’ve got more energy for all the things I love about late afternoon, early evening: spending quality time with Evan and John!

photo 3

Tip: to keep washed salad greens crispy for about five days in the fridge, place a damp paper towel over the top of the salad. I find using my simple salad spinner makes a great tool for both cleaning and storing my weekly salads. 

Three cheers for more greens and more energy. Happy Healthy Weekend! 


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