March Goals


Based on what I learned from last month, I’m scaling back this month and really trying to focus on rewiring my brain with regard to food and exercise. As a result, I only have three goals this month (all wellness related): eat less, move more and weigh myself weekly.

Eat Less

Everything needs to be tracked. I know this, and yet, I don’t. Why? Because it’s easier to not track calories, until I step on the scale. I’m going to REALLY aim for 3 meals around 400 calories and 2 snacks at 200 and under. And I’m going to try to keep all my meals as simple as possible, even while traveling 3 out of 4 weekends this month.

Move More 

My mom and my mother-in-law both had multiple children and managed to get back into shape and stay that way. It is any coincidence that they both made a point to take stroller walks as often as possible postpartum? Probably not.

In trying to get back into exercising I’ve skipped over the simple stuff, like just getting outside on a daily basis, and that overzealousness has cost me. This month I’m focusing on scaling back and building a consistent habit.

I’ll be walking a mile a day, and taking pictures on Instagram (#vdoesamileaday) to document. John and I did this from Thanksgiving to NYE in 2012 and it was a really nice way to stay active. And it’s way harder than it sounds!

I’d also like to add some yoga in here and there. Not sure how much of this is going to be possible with E, but even if I can get 10 minutes of stretching in a few mornings a week, I think it’ll help me feel more in control of my own body.

Weekly Weigh-Ins

The last three months I’ve only weighed myself at the end of the month, which was a decision I made because I didn’t want to stress out too much about losing tons of weight while juggling sleep deprivation, going back to work and the chaos that is those early months of parenting. Now feels like the time is right to step it up. I know the scale doesn’t give the whole picture of health and wellness, but I do think weighing in more regularly may help keep me mindful and on track.

Ready for a great month of life and weather!

What are your goals for March?


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