30 Days of 30 Day Shred

As with most things in life, 30 Days of 30 Day Shred didn’t go as planned…but I did learn some good lessons, and do feel physically stronger, even if I didn’t lose any weight.

Week 1

Minutes into workout one, I realized just how badly out of shape I had gotten. I literally felt like I was going to throw up! But I kept going and it did get easier as the week wore on. Unfortunately, I came down with a cold and stubbornly didn’t rest so I ended up with an even worse cold, which landed me at the doctor’s office without a voice.

Antibiotics, steroids and two days without exercise (and a big serving of PASTA later), I learned that exercise doesn’t just work to get and keep me in shape, it also motivates me to eat differently. On days when I know I’m going to work out, I eat to fuel my body. On days when I know I don’t need to push myself, it’s harder to make good choices.

Week 2

I stepped it up to level 2 on my 2nd week because the last workout on level one felt comfortable. Not easy, mind you, but difficult in a comfortable way. Level two was more fun, but that could have also been because I was feeling stronger (and decidedly not like I was going to throw up). Week two was great all around because I also managed to get a good walk in on the days I wasn’t doing 30 Day Shred.

Week 3 

I tanked. I missed a whole week of workouts. I have excuses, none of which are really valid. At the end of the day, if I really wanted to do these workouts, I would have. End of story. If I’m being honest with myself I got lazy because I couldn’t do it perfectly so I stopped doing it altogether. It’s interesting to me to be back in this headspace with exercise because a year ago I’d overcome all of this kind of thinking, and was in a place where I only had 15lbs left to lose to meet my goal. Now I feel like I’m back at the bottom of a giant mountain, looking up and kicking myself.

Getting Real

I’m caught in a cycle I swore I’d never be in: being overweight is exhausting, parenting is exhausting, eating poorly robs me of needed energy, and I need energy to workout… working out helps me make better eating choices and gives me energy…but (repeat). I’m also totally guilty of mindless eating and using food as comfort at the end of the day. All of which makes me irritated because I KNOW BETTER.

It seems clear to me now that I don’t just need to make the scale move, but I also need to rewire my mind. I gained weight and a lot of bad eating habits between getting pregnant and quitting smoking. I think this means I need to focus on making changes wherever I can at this point with my new body and my new life.


Despite the disappointment, this month has taught me…

  • It is way harder than I expected to get exercise in when it means I need uninterrupted time and a shower afterward.
  • I have nearly nothing left energy-wise after 4pm, which means if it does’t happen in the morning, it’s probably not going to happen.
  • Working out with a baby needs to be a “get it when/where you can” sport.
  • New shoes are a must.
  • I stopped counting calories a week in because we had takeout. And as a result, I ended up gaining 1 1/2 pounds this past month. Ugh. I MUST count my calories. MUST, MUST, MUST. And directly connected to that…
  • I have to make better choices with takeout. Ordering out is going to happen, but it doesn’t need to be an excuse to eat poorly. There are always good choices to be made if I am disciplined. And
  • Keeping a DVD on rotation each month so I don’t get bored with strength training  seems like a good idea as a whole. Next up: Ripped in 30.

3 thoughts on “30 Days of 30 Day Shred

  1. I just reserved the 30 day shred at the library. I have doubts about doing it though because I also get discouraged when i can’t do something perfectly and then I just quit. I’m sorry it didn’t go like you wanted it to. I’m glad you picked up the lessons you did though. Losing weight is such an uphill struggle and you have to be in the right mind set to even try : (

    • Thank you, and good luck! I know exactly what you mean…that kind of thinking is so hard to get away from when it comes to weight loss. 😦 I know from losing weight prior to pregnancy that I have got to let go of that if I want to get ahead, so I’m really, really working on that this month. Let me know what you think of 30 Day Shred! 🙂

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