Friday Faves and Finds

photo 3

The end of this week kicks of my spring break. Woohoo! Sometimes I feel silly getting so excited about a week off when I’m in my thirties, but then I remember that I actually need that week now way more than I did in my twenties. I heard something recently like, “Welcome to your thirties, where you’re always just a little bit tired.” Is that true or what?

Currently I am…

Tackling our never-ever-ever-clean-enough floors with this Bissell Lift-Off Stick Vac. Sweeping is impossible with a baby in a carrier and with four pets, our tile floors are easily the most frustrating part of our home. One week into owning this little workhorse and I couldn’t be happier.

Feeling great about celebrating two years of marriage this past week, especially since according to this article on relationships, John and I are doing pretty well! Made these canvas photo transfers to celebrate our “cotton” anniversary.


Looking forward to using a Groupon I bought over the holidays for as an excuse to play Glowgolf.

Watching my little man work on finding his feet!

photo 2

Getting compliments on this easy to make maple-mustard chicken.

Renting a Sakura Bloom ring sling from It should be here any day now and I get to try it out for two weeks. I’ve been wanting a sling or wrap since E was first born, and I’m super excited to see how it compares to our Ergo.

Fascinated by the science behind why I miss Evan when he’s sleeping.

We’re headed back to our wedding hotel this weekend…it’ll be our first overnight without Evan, which will be weird, but overall, I’m super excited about a little husband and wife road trip. Happy weekend!


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