Friday Faves and Finds


I collect so many things I want to share throughout the week and inspired by Elise and Lauren, I thought I’d drop it all in one post.

Currently I am…

Thinking about how important it is to teach girls AND boys about healthy body image.

Looking forward to trying this fun workout with John.

Eating Honeybells (the best oranges of the season) from Harvey’s Groves.

About halfway done playing a really awesome PS4 game – kind of never thought I’d say that!

Reading this book and wishing I didn’t just want to finish it to finish it. (Have heard great things, but this one just isn’t for me.)

It’s so bad, but laughing out loud at this article from Cracked.

…And thinking about how awesome it’s going to be to share books like this one and this one with Evan.

Listening to Ane Brun (since that Chevy commercial during the Super Bowl).

Eating these overnight oats every single morning for about a month now (with blueberries), and still loving them.

Admiring these photographs – they deserve all the recognition. Especially the last one. If that’s not happiness, I don’t know what is.

Excitedly awaiting my best girlfriend and my godson who are visiting this weekend. The last time I saw them both I was six months pregnant!

Happy weekend!  🙂


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