February Goals


Ahhh, February. Crazy to think this month marks one year since the baby we now know as E first entered our lives. [For those of you who don’t know, we didn’t actually find out I was pregnant until late March – I was 8 weeks].

In honor of one year on a physical roller coaster of weight gain and muscle loss (so worth it, but still…) I’m mostly focusing on health and wellness goals this month.

image from Target.com

image from Target.com

30 Day Shred. 

I listened to Jillian Michael’s podcast before I was pregnant and am back at it now. I know people either love or hate her, and I happen to love her. I appreciate her passion, and with all the noise out there about how to get fit or lose weight, I appreciate that she is a fan of eating real food, and working hard. Any time I’ve lost weight, that’s how it’s worked for me.

All that said I’ve never done one of her workouts. Until now.

In the month of February, I plan on completing 30-Day Shred, and trying to incorporate walks (and maybe even a run!?) into the mix on my “off” days. Shred will be my first attempt at any kind of challenging cardio postpartum, and I have a feeling it’s going to really push me, which is exactly what I need.

I’ll be posting pictures along the way, and you can follow along with me on Instagram (#30dayshred). I also printed a calendar and put it on the back of the bathroom door to keep me motivated that this is only for 30 days, and I look forward to crossing off one day of this at a time!


80/20 Eating. 

To go along with doing Shred, I plan on being strict about sticking to the 80/20 rule: eat great 80% of the time, and have whatever I want 20% of the time. It’s near impossible to cut out all sugar, simple carbs, alcohol, etc., and when I’ve tried to do elimination diets in the past, I just end up wanting whatever I’ve deprived myself of even more. It never works for me because let’s face it, it sucks! When you’ve got 50ish pounds to lose like I do, (and are this for the long haul), it’s not realistic to never have a cookie at work, or a glass of wine.

I love how Weed ‘Em and Reep put it:

Chillaxing about food 7 times a week doesn’t mean eating 7 crappy meals a week. That’s why I like to say I make 35 food choices a week. You’re making 7 food choices for your 20%, not eating 7 junk-filled meals. They’ll be part of a meal, a snack, or a dessert and will be less than mediocre, but it’s loads better than eating a Big Mac super sized meal with extra large fries and a coke at Mickey D’s 7 times a week. See the difference?

Each day I’m going to be aiming for clean meals around 400 calories (x3), and 200 calorie (x2) snacks. And of course, lots of water. I’m excited to see what this short month will bring, and I’m looking forward to feeling leaner, and stronger by the end of it!

Save $500. 

Despite that we didn’t meet our lofty $1K savings goal last month, we did manage to amass a cushion in checking and put close to $400 in savings. This month we’ve readjusted to a more realistic savings goal of $500. We made good strides last month by taking our lunches, only eating out three times (way down from prior months) and being careful with our grocery budget ($400/month).

For February, we need to continue to work on our personal spending, whittle our grocery bills down a bit more, and keep up the good habits we built this past month. And above all, when I start to feel impatient, I need to remember that saving, like losing weight, is a long journey.

Happy February!


3 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. I’m so glad to see your grocery budget is $400, that’s what ours is. It feels high and I know I could trim it more but I’m afraid to take money away from that category until I know what I can trim it to. Last month I budgeted $500 and had $110 left over so I figured let’s shoot for $400 or less this month! Good luck on all your goals.

    • Thanks Andee! Compared to what we used to spend on groceries when we were first living together and didn’t budget, $400 is nothing for us! It does add up really quickly though, and groceries are one of those unavoidable expenses. I’ve tired to get it below $400 and it just hasn’t worked for us.

      Your goal is SO inspiring – wow. Not wanting to be stuck with a 30-year mortgage is one reason we’re still renters, so I’m looking forward to learning more about how your goal is coming along!

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