Green Smoothie Challenge

For the month of January, I did a 30-day green smoothie challenge as part of my goal to add more fruit and veggies back into my diet.

By day 22, I was officially sick of green smoothies. I took a few days off, recailabrated, and came back determined to finish the month.

And then on day 24 I made another terrible smoothie. I suppose this is why Simple Green Smoothies sends weekly recipes. I bet those smoothies aren’t undrinkable!

I finished the month, but more because I didn’t want to quit than because I honestly wanted to drink any more green smoothies.

What I learned:

  • When you don’t really know what you’re doing, it’s probably best to follow some recipes. My parents have been using their NutriBullet for months so I figured I knew a little something about grinding up frozen fruit, and I was surprised by how many bad smoothies I made!
  • All those fruit calories add up! I was consistently surprised by how caloric the smoothies were, and yet (not surprisingly) they never stayed with me very long unless I added protein powder, nuts or chia (which all also add additional calories). As snacks, I just couldn’t justify upwards of 400 calories. And even with those other items added and drinking them as meal replacements, they didn’t satisfy my hunger in any substantial way. I guess I just really enjoy chewing.
  • They’re much healthier with far more greens and far less fruit. I’ve long since recognized the deliciousness of places like Tropical Smoothie comes from the heavy sugar load but as a person just coming into green smoothies, it was way hard for me to not add a bunch of fruit. The less fruit, the less drinkable the drinks were to me. And the more fruit, the more sugar, the more calories. And yes, I know, fruit sugar isn’t the same as adding tablespoons of granulated sugar to something, but I still didn’t feel right about just how much sugar, and how little protein or fiber I was consuming in these drinks to keep the taste balance.
  • Snack wise, they worked to give me energy (thank you, SUGAR) but seemed to be most effective in the late morning or late afternoon. And as a whole, I think just having a single banana with some peanut butter would have been a better energy-boosting choice, with fewer calories, less sugar and more staying power.
  • I think I’ll probably crave a green smoothie now and again, but as any kind of long term lifestyle choice, this was just not for me. I’ll take my kale in a salad, please and thank you!

To all those of you drinking your green smoothies with more greens than fruit, kudos! I’m glad I tried this on, and I’m also glad to leave it to those of you with a braver palate.



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