My Favorite Baby Stuff (Months 1-2)

In no particular order…

1. Honest Company Diapers and Wipes Bundles

Awesome diapers, good value, the absolute strongest and cleanest wipes we’ve found, fun diaper designs…and they’re delivered to our doorstep? LOVE this company and their products.

2. Spotify Premium Account

We had this before Evan came into our lives, but as parents we’ve definitely gotten a lot of miles out of being able to access tons of free albums on the fly, such as Baby Piano and B is for Bob, and Evan’s personal favorite (for about two weeks anyway), anything by Buckwheat Zydeco. $10/month very, very well spent for little ears and big ones, too!

3. WubbaNub

I registered for this because it was cute, but I love it as a new mom because E has been able to hold on to it from just a few days old, which has meant carrying him and the pacifier around has been much easier than I imagine it would be without it. This has also yet to get lost, and can be thrown in the washer when it gets dirty. Now that he’s using his hands with more intention, he loves to feel it’s ears and legs, which is just about the cutest thing ever.

4. Best Baby Monitor App

Our house is small enough that we probably don’t actually need a monitor at all, but we didn’t feel comfortable not having some way to amplify the sound when he’s sleeping in his crib. We put an iPad with a cracked screen that doesn’t get a lot of use anymore in the nursery, and each downloaded this $4 app on our iPhones. For a whopping total of $12 we got an awesome two-way monitor that does video and audio, and also plays music, and has a nightlight as a screensaver. Seriously.

We still have to find a way to mount it in his crib to get use of the video feature, but for now the iPad sits on the bookcase in the nursery and works great for what we need at the moment.

5. Summer Infant SwaddleMe

We originally registered for the Miracle Blanket and it just never worked for us. E loved being swaddled from day one, but we had much more luck in those first few weeks using aden + anais muslin blankets. We were gifted the SwaddleMe’s and they were essential for the in-between time when he was wiggling out of the blanket swaddle and when he stopped being cool with being swaddled. They also made it easy to put him to bed in a onesie because they’re a built in blanket!

6. Fisher Price Discover n’ Grow Twinkling Lights Mobile

This was a Christmas gift from my in-laws and it has been a constant in our daily lives ever since. I am pretty sure I know it’s tunes by heart by now. The blinking safari animals were one of the first things that ever made him truly smile, and they have gone a long way to make his crib one of his favorite places to be. Plus it comes with a remote, which is pure genius.

7. myBaby HoMedics SoundSpa On-The-Go

We got this as a shower gift from our registry. I honestly didn’t know much at all about babies before getting pregnant, but I was able to surmise from friends that white noise can be a lifesaver, so I figured a portable white noise machine might come in handy. And I was right! We’ve used this from the first night home from the hospital and it’s still a nightly staple. He only likes the ocean waves sound, which is just fine by me because the heartbeat is CREEPY.

8. Puj Flyte

This was a hand-me-down from my best friend. If I had to pay $50 for it, I think I’d be a little miffed about how quickly E grew out of it (he’s in this tub as of last week), but I also know it was really, really great for him in the first two months, and he loves taking a bath which maybe is partially because this tub worked so well.

9. Bestever Baby Mat

This was a shower gift from our registry and is another item that gets daily use around here. We toss it on the kitchen table to put him on before and after his bath, and we also use it for tummy time. It also came in handy to put on the coffee table when he was smaller so he could lay on his back and watch the ceiling fan (which was until only recently, one of this favorite things to do). I think this mat is an item we’ll use for months to come – it’s just the best ever!


*all images courtesy of or individual company websites where applicable 


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