January Goals


I’ve been setting monthly goals for a few years now. Just sitting down for five minutes and thinking about what I/we want to accomplish in a given month gives me a lot of joy. And yes, I know how nerdy that sounds. These are not to do items, and they don’t appear on my calendar, or random lists around the house. Rather, they are internal intentions which connect with larger actions throughout the month.

For January, our second month as parents, and my first month back to work, I wanted to keep it super simple.

Add more fruits and veggies to my daily diet. 

Pregnancy really messed with my regular eating habits. Especially toward the end, I ate way too many cheeseburgers and totally not enough fresh fruits and veggies. I was super lucky to have an “easy” pregnancy and I adored being pregnant, but I really, really love having my body back to myself. I’ve gotten my cravings under control, am back on MyFitnessPal and am slowly, but steadily losing weight…and not stressing about it.  To put action to my goal for this month I am doing a 30-day green smoothie challenge.

Save $1000. 

We’ve worked off a budget for going on two years, but we’ve also never been super disciplined about sticking to it. After a crazily penny-pinching spring-fall, and a spendy winter, we needed to detox our budget, and as Dave Ramsey says, “tell our money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” Before the new year we decided to challenge ourselves and each other to do everything we could to save $1000 by the beginning of February. I’ll write more about it when we’re done but so far it’s proved relatively painless. Then again, life with a newborn also means you avoid going anywhere and doing anything unless absolutely necessary…so that helps. 🙂

Take at least one photo walk. 

I first discovered the concept of photo walks from reading Elise’s awesome and inspiring blog. This goal was born out of how challenging it has become to get out of the house to exercise. My hope with this goal was that it would remind me of why I love exercising outside and motivate me to not just chore my way through it. I’ve already taken my one walk, and I’m thinking I can probably squeeze one more in by the time this month is over…

And that’s that. Told you I was keeping it simple!

Happy January, everyone – hope your goals and/or resolutions are treating you well!


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