Best Articles for a New Mom (or Dad)


In the last two months I’ve stumbled across, been emailed, and desperately sought a variety of helpful articles. For all my other new moms (and dads!) out there, here’s my top 8,  in no particular order.

1. Written by a colleague whose baby is about a week and half older than mine, this article is pretty much my exact experience in month one.

2. Packed full of links to research studies about baby sleep, this seems like a really complete timeline and is easily accessible. So far this has been really useful and when I read into the months ahead, I get really happy about all the possible sleep improvements to come!

3. I’m not used to being around young children and one of my weaknesses as a mom is knowing how to play with a child this young… When I came across this creative list of 29 things you can do at home with a baby I was happy to see so many easy, mostly free things I can do with E.

4. & 5. Came across these articles from Troublesome Tots while bleary-eyed and desperately Googling. This helped me give myself permission to not feel guilty about letting him sleep in his swing. And this made me feel like it was indeed normal that for what seems like days on end, Evan may only nap for 20 minutes at a time. Baby sleep (and lack thereof) seems like the nexus of parenting bootcamp so far, and little E is working us out.

6. While we are far from being ready to do any kind of “sleep training,” reading this blog post about how an attachment parent can get behind CIO (crying-it-out) was really reassuring.

7. I have never worried about, cried over, or felt more guilty about anything in my life than I have about breastfeeding. Someday I will write a post about our journey when it’s not so fresh and raw. But if you’re struggling, I share this because little else I read made me feel less lonely or more comforted.

8. What I have struggled with the most regarding breastfeeding is the feeling of potentially losing a prime source of bonding with Evan. I honestly didn’t know how else to bond. Until I read this and  this. Turns out I was already doing a lot of what both suggested, and added in or improved upon the other things. I don’t think Evan has even noticed, but a few small changes have made such a huge difference in how I feel.

9. One of my oldest friends, who has three boys of her own, passed this on to me shortly after Evan was born. It came on a day I really needed a pick-me-up, and I dare you not to have tears by the end of it. Such a beautifully realistic read.

That’s it for now. I’ll update this post as I find new things!

What articles/resources have been indispensable to you?


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