Photo Walk: My Parent’s Neighborhood

The day before I went back to work I took a photo walk with my mom and Evan around my parent’s neighborhood.

How does one take a photo walk? Seems it depends. Some photographers do it in meet-up groups. Some do it solo, based on a theme. Some do it virtually. And some mix it up and take pictures of anything they find interesting. The overall consensus seems to be that you should travel lightly and really try to notice your surroundings.

I got a 50mm lens for our Canon for Christmas and I’ve been so busy being a mama and planning for the spring semester that I haven’t really had a chance to play with it. I also need some extra motivation to get my ass out of the house with baby in tow…. and it always feels good to see the world around me a little bit more closely – good for gaining perspective on pretty much anything.  I am hoping to make short little photo walks like this one a part of my/our regular routine. If you have any suggestions for stroller-friendly locales in or around Brevard county, let me know!


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